Take potentially dangerous PDFs, office documents, or images and convert them to a safe PDF.

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No Network Access

Sandboxes don't have network access, so if a malicious document can compromise one, it can't phone home

Optional OCR

Dangerzone can optionally OCR the safe PDFs it creates, so it will have a text layer again

Reduced File Size

Dangerzone compresses the safe PDF to reduce file size

Open Docs Safely

After converting, dangerzone lets you open the safe PDF in the PDF viewer of your choice, which allows you to open PDFs and office docs in dangerzone by default so you never accidentally open a dangerous document

Download Dangerzone 0.1.5

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If you are using Ubuntu(or Debian-like distros), follow installation instructions:

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If you are using Fedora(or Fedora-like distros), follow installation instructions:

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Other Linux

If you are using a different version of Linux, follow these build instructions to install.

How It Works

Dangerzone works like this: You give it a document that you don't know if you can trust (for example, an email attachment). Inside of a sandbox, dangerzone converts the document to a PDF (if it isn't already one), and then converts the PDF into raw pixel data: a huge list of of RGB color values for each page. Then, in a separate sandbox, dangerzone takes this pixel data and converts it back into a PDF.

Read the blog post for more information.